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Painting PLACES: National Building Museum

WASHINGTON DCChels | PLACES studioComment

Just Start. Lately I've been making the effort to just start and it has been quite a powerful thing. I've been wanting to pick up oil painting again for years now and one day I threw all excuses away and gave myself a few hours to just start.


And you know what? It was all I hoped it would be and more! It's refreshing to go back to things you once loved but may have neglected. It's empowering because it reminds you that can still do it and that you can fight back against excuses, fear and inaction.


This image was taken in a corridor of the beautiful National Building Museum here in Washigton, DC. I loved the light flooding in and the scale of this archway in the photograph. But painting this image was more about loosening up the architecture and giving the viewer the feeling of the space. This is why I used a gestural application of paint with a palette knife on panel.

I'm excited to be bringing oil painting back into my life. I'll be showing behind the scenes of my daily creative life on Instagram and on SnapChat with username

I'd love to hear your thoughts on just starting. Do you have a hobby you picked up after years? Do you have something you can't stop thinking about doing but something is stopping you?