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PLACES: Apple Orchard in Virginia

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Fall is a beautiful time of year especially at the beginning when days are sunny and the air is just starting to cool. Even a few spontaneously warm days sneak in making it a wonderful season. When my best friend came to visit from Florida, we made it a point to do something simple that took in all fall had to offer.


Coming out of DC and into Virginia we found Crooked Run Orchard which was about an hour drive from the city. We rented a Zipcar and even stopped at Great Falls National Park on the way back to DC.


I really love pears so I actually did more pear picking than apple picking ;)


After you're done picking, they weight and charge by the pound. They also had apple cider and jams for sale! We bought some cider and finished it within a day. It was that good.

Apple picking was something totally new for me and I loved it. If you live near any apple orchards take a day to enjoy this simple adventure and absorb fall while you're at it!
Have you been apple picking before? Is it childhood tradition? What would you do with a load of apples? Please tell me you bake ;) I'd love to hear your thoughts, you can use the comment box below!