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What Inspires Me: A Visual Introduction

Chels | PLACES studioComment

I'd like to visually introduce myself and the inspirations that impact my creative ideas. These photos were a taken in my previous APARTMENT where space was limited but charm and possibility were plentiful.

I need a blank canvas. I strive to limit the amount of visual clutter to heighten my imagination. I keep sentimental inspirations that are long lasting in my life. On my inspiration board you can see everything is soft with minimal color. First, a sticker from SEVENLY quoting "PEOPLE MATTER." This company reminds me to use creative ideas to help others. There's a postcard from the MAXXI museum designed by Zaha Hadid and the Jewish Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind. Both architectural works left me in awe for geometric forms when I visited and have inspired my work ever since. A M.C. Escher postcard reminds me of my young fascination for the mathematicians dynamic work, one of my first inspirations as a child.

When I moved north, I wanted my bed to feel as if I was sleeping in a CLOUD. Big, fluffy and inviting, a place to get lost in physically and mentally.

Photography is an obvious and prominent theme in my home and in my life. What drew me to photography at the beginning was more about nostalgia then anything else. My parents first CANON camera was handed down to me and the heirloom hasn't left my side. It holds the innocence of film camera users who candidly snapped their children and their family's life. I've since collected vintage camera that remind me about the essence of photography, a method to capture and document moments.

A few books and things I'm fond of: the book GLIMMER and the analog record I keep in my 5-YEAR JOURNAL. The IMPOSSIBLE polaroid film project and the story of LEICA which happens to have originated in a German town where a very good family friend lives. This gift from them reminds me of the years I spent living in Germany.

This portrait is painted by my good friend SARAH NOVIO who lives and works in NYC and has grown incredibly as an artist since the days when I took college art classes with her. Behind is a drafted print of the oldest LIGHTHOUSE in America which is located near my home in Ponce Inlet, Florida. 

I believe our homes are storybooks with many pieces that have influenced our journeys and aspirations. I hope you learned a bit about mine and think about how you can create a surrounding that begins to tell your visual story.

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